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“This retelling of the story of Peer Gynt, adapted for children, is fantastic. As an elementary music teacher, I have used it in my classroom many times. Even my older kids love the story, the great illustrations, and the music that goes with it.”— K. Edwards

Allison Flannery, author of In the Hall of the Mountain King, is a piano instructor and Kindergarten music teacher from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Allison is passionate about teaching her students at The Classical Academy where she sings, dances, marches and teaches 17 classes of 5-6 year olds each week. She is excited to share with you this book that arose from her teaching experiences.

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Allison enjoys sharing her passion and expertise with students and other teachers anywhere there is an opportunity. She is available for student presentations at schools and libraries, as well as for doing teacher workshops for those who are interested in using music and movement in their classroom.  Her teacher workshops include lesson plansactivity resources, and interactive lesson demonstrations. You will leave her workshop with everything you need to use  great classical music as a tool for teaching in your classroom! Please contact her at allisonflannery@live.com for more information (or use the “Contact” tab in the menu above).