About the Book


Based on the 1867 play “Peer Gynt” by Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Grieg’s musical masterpiece, this delightful children’s book captures the wonder and imagination of childhood while providing an interactive introduction to classical music. Author and music teacher Allison Flannery invites children into an irresistible adventure with young Peer, as she brings to life the scene famously set to music by Norway’s beloved composer.

Set in Grieg’s home country, the story follows Peer as he explores the forest and countryside further from his home than ever before. He makes a discovery beyond his wildest imaginings, only to find himself the object of a thrilling chase that will determine whether he ever again sees his little home by the sea. Peer and his dog encounter the king’s prankster daughter, the bumbling minions who do the king’s bidding, and, ultimately, the Mountain King himself. Children, educators, and parents will be delighted by Vesper Stamper’s stunning watercolor illustrations and Flannery’s reinterpretation of this classic tale.

Come sing, dance, and explore with Peer and experience Grieg’s familiar music –included with the book via downloadable audio files — in a whole new way!